The River’s Edge has produced many World Champion Morgans in performance, equitation, and in hand performance.  Bob Kellert and Mary Cockriel are choosing the topic of in hand performance to demonstrate Ready-Set-Show.

These trainers both agree that it takes many hours of patience to produce a World champion in hand horse!  According to Bob Kellert, the in hand performance horse like the performance horse has to have heart and the knowing of pizzazz in their heart that they (the horse) have something to show off in attitude!

The READY part of an in hand horse is in the conditioning of muscle building and shining coat similar to a human beauty pageant in swim suit competition.

The SET part is the modeling or posing.  This lesson may be 5 minutes to 15 minutes depending on the horse’s willingness to model.  Bob and Mary both believe in the reward system in their training techniques.  When the horse poses/models automatically on hearing Bob’s voice command “hup” the horse is rewarded with a peppermint and a pat on the neck along with Bob verbally saying that’s how a Champion does it!  This training routine is done 5 times a week sometimes more until the horse gives 110 percent of their heart whenever asked to model/pose.  This lesson is shorten over a period of time depending on when the horse understands where posing is a positive experience or zone for the horse.

The SHOW is show time where the desire to compete takes over to have all eyes on the athlete/horse.  This is where the horse, Bob, and Mary become one!  Together they know to become the champion the horse will have to pose/model 1 to 15 times in the performance.  Each pose being as great as or better than the first pose leaving the lasting impression on the Judge to get to the winner’s circle! In the winner‘s   circle is where the trainers Bob and Mary know that the horse loves their job and none of them believe it to be work!

In conclusion, The River’s Edge trainers and owners, Bob Kellert and Mary Cockriel believe that their success is due to the fact they love what they do and never see it as work!

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