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Laced vs. Braided Reins

Where we answer your tack related questions.   There is much confusion between the term "braided rein" and "laced rein". I will try and clarify the two types so that you can more effectively understand the construction of the two reins. This will help when you order new reins or a bridle so that you will receive exactly what you want. Laced reins come in a variety of widths. 3/8", 1/2" and wider. Laced reins have holes punched all they way down the center of the rein. The holes have a long strand of leather that is laced side to...

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Are my driving lines uneven?

Where we answer your tack related questions.   Often we receive telephone calls from show ring and carriage drivers complaining that their lines are different lengths. Comments range from show ring drivers, that their finger holds are in different positions on each line to carriage drivers driving multiple horses and have discovered their adjustments have gone catawampus and their cross lines are all out of whack.One thing we must never forget is that driving lines are connected to the control devices of our horses, the bit. This in turn means there is a lot of pressure connected to your lines....

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Why Does Metal Matter?

Where we answer your tack related questions.   How much do you know about the metals used in your harness & bits? Did you know some bits taste better than others to your horse? Do you know what kind of maintenance is involved in different metals? Read ahead to be prepared! Stainless Steel - most durable "Stainless Steel" as it's most commonly called is usually of the 18.8 grade. That means the makeup of this especially strong metal has 18% Chromium and 8% Nickel added. Both of these chemicals increase the strength and finish of stainless steel. This allows the “steel”...

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Set Yourself Up In A Cut Back Saddle

Where we answer your tack related questions.   Here are four easy steps to help you align your body to ride balanced in a cut back saddle to ensure you are confident and in control of your horses headset.   Stacking Your Bones And Muscles: Sit yourself in a place on the seat of the saddle that allows you heel to fall in a straight line with your hips and shoulder. You should be able to draw a straight line from your shoulders thru your hip joint to the heel of your foot. This position will ensure your best balance point...

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We Know Our Leather

Where we answer your tack related questions.   When you work with leather as much as we do, you start to become a perfectionist about it, a bit of a leather nerd.At the start of the month we had a post on how leather is skin and like skin, leather can be tanned.Hopefully this post will help you get even better acquainted with how tanned leather works in your equine life.In the horse industry, the two most popular way to tan leather is either through natural (vegetable) oils or through a chemical process. Chemical Tanned Leather: Not as scary as it sounds,...

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