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I often get phone calls and emails from people that are concerned that they have received a pair of stirrup leathers from us that are two different lengths.

How can this be?

Here are few very important facts to consider and remember about stirrup leathers.

Strain From Mounting

Most people mount their horse from the left side. With that said, leather is a natural material and the left stirrup leather can end up longer than the right one just from mounting up.

Leather Stretches

Yes leather will stretch, even the best leather in the world that we buy for our stirrup leathers will stretch up to 5% in length.

Easy Fix

For an easy fix for uneven stirrup leathers, switch them from the left side of the saddle to the right side frequently. This will ensure they both stretch as evenly as possible and will keep them more level.

Be Safe!

- David Freedman

Freedman's Stirrup Leathers

These extra fine leathers are made from the most premium leather available on the market in England. We punch the holes every 3/4" inch apart for the most adjustment options. Stainless steel buckle with a nylon re-enforcement for strength. Leathers in Havana Brown. Learn More

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