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Did you ever make the connection that leather is skin? We often get asked questions about leather care and maintaining Harness and Saddlery. When and how should I clean it? When and how should I condition it? What should I do to maintain it?

If you follow this simple idea you will always find the answer you are looking for! Yes leather is skin. The leather is tanned by a tannery to treat the hides so that they can do the jobs they are intended for. Harness and Saddlery, upholstery and shoe leather to name a very few.

If you think about leather as skin and treat it as such, you will rarely run into trouble with it. That means only put on the leather what you would put on your own skin! Follow this simple plan: When your skin is dirty you wash it! (Cleaning the leather with saddle soap) never use cold or hot water. When your skin is dry you moisturize or use a cream conditioner! (Condition the leather with a proper leather conditioner). Unless you oil your skin, then I wouldn't advise you to ever oil leather. Think about it this way, put on some sun tan lotion and go out sunbathing, what happens to your skin? It burns and darkens. Need I say more? Lastly, if the ladies are going out for a night on the town they use some topical makeup on their skin! If you want a bright lustre to the top layer of your leather then use some boot cream or shoe polish to highlight it. Just like make-up, it will wear off in time.

Have fun and be safe,

- David Freedman

Oakwood Leather Conditioner

Ideal for softening, water repelling and protecting leather saddles, bridles, halters, handbags and harness.
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