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Where we answer your tack related questions.


Everyone seems to have a different idea of how equipment and tack should fit a horse.
Why all the hoopla about fit anyway?
Doesn't a bridle simply function as a bridle, whether it fits or not?
Don't all harness parts work whether they fit or not?

The answer is simple.

Good horse harness, tack, and saddlery is made and designed to perform comfortably, durably and efficiently, whether in the show ring or in everyday use. In short, for equipment to do its job effectively - it must fit perfectly.

My father Sam had a simple easy rule to follow when fitting horse equipment such as Saddles, Bridles and Harness... make it "fit like a glove".

That is the type of fit you are looking for. Not loose and not tight.
Horses and ponies must be comfortable in tack, they shouldn't be able to "get out of it" so to speak.
Bridles shouldn't just hang there - the bits should be adjusted to the proper height.
Blinkers should be cupped with the eye of the horse in its centre.
Girths should be snug, but not cutting your horse in two.

In conclusion, a pair of gloves that are to tight make it hard to clinch your hand. If they are too loose, it is hard to grip items and work effectively. You can do almost anything in gloves that are comfortable to wear! Fit all your equipment with that in mind.

Be safe,

- David Freedman


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