After sighting a need for a single saddle pad solution, we embarked on a development and research journey. We had long ago recognized the fact that most of the saddle pads available on the market for the saddle seat world were in fact saddle pads from the hunter/jumper industries. Albeit there were many great pads, none of them fit great under a cut back nor did they supply exactly what was needed for the saddle seat industries.


With a need to have a soft comfortable, stable and machine washable pads we approached one of the equine industries best developers, Mauro Benetti of Acavallo Italy.We have been dealing with Acavallo and we have enjoyed huge success with their gel pads during the last 4 years. Acavallo’s renowned quality and service was just the kind of company we were looking for to co-brand and build this all new memory foam gel pad.



This pad is comfortable and soft. It’s form fitting to the horse and has a full cut back front along with a recessed gullet strip. The memory foam allows the pad to form fit to your horses back. The pad outer is made from microfiber, easy to clean and extremely durable.


The saddle pad top has Acavallo gel infused into the memory foam making the top of the pad a stable non-slip high compression platform for your saddle, supplying the best comfort for your horse. The bottom or horse side of the pad has silk screened silicone gel. This gel creates a non-slip finish allowing the pad to stay securely in one place.



We are excited to introduce this new pad to you, it will be the most comfortable non-slip, full compression, machine washable pad you will ever use, and your horse will love it too!!


David Freedman

President & CEO


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  • Gene Brown says...

    On January 27, 2018

    What’s the cost of the Acavallo pad?

  • Pat says...

    On January 24, 2018

    Looks very interesting. I have a question how thick is it in the back?

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