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Well, here I go again, 4:45 wake up and off to the Park and Fly at Toronto's Pearson Airport, where my truck will live in a paid parking space for 2 weeks, until my return from the Arabian Nationals in Tulsa Oklahoma.

Thus begins the "Fall" horse show circuit for Freedman's. This group of shows primarily consists of four large events. I will comment on each individually as I journey through what are the largest shows for Morgan Horses, USA (Grand National?) and World Championships, Arabian Horses, US National Championships, both in Oklahoma. The multi-breed and finest indoor horse show in the world, The Royal Horse Show in Toronto (Yay! I sleep in my very own bed) and finally ending up in Seville, Spain in early December for SICAB, the famous Spanish Breeders Show.

These Fall shows are all very exciting, as they culminate the entire year of showing and I get to see the finest of these breeds and disciplines. Along with the best show horses, come the finest horse trainers as well.

I will have a chance to talk and visit with many of the best trainers and horsemen from these perspective breeds and disciplines. This forms the foundation for one of my favourite areas in business, product development. At these amazing Fall shows is where discussions, observations, and new product ideas are fostered for us.

Major ideas come into vision, research and development of these ideas start and continue, and adjustments and tweaks of current products are discovered. All to keep us relevant in today's changing show horse industry.

See you on the rail in OKC!

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