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Part Two of the Oklahoma tour begins. We have packed up in Oklahoma City, made the 120 mile drive, unpacked again and have re-set in Tulsa at Expo Square for the US Nationals Arabian and Half-Arabian Show. Here the best will show in more divisions than I can name. Freedman's concern this week will be in the English, Hunter, Show Hack, Halter and Driving divisions.

This booth is slightly different than the one we used last week in OKC, as last week we were on carpet, this week we will use our Foam Tile wood look alike floor that gained so much attention at our massive Kentucky State Fair booth in August.

Here we will be able to show, introduce, and market our specialty Arabian horse products to exhibitors, horsemen, and the trainers from our great location in the Exchange Building at Expo Square.

We will be offering all of the same products that I mentioned in my last post, plus a few new ones and a few that are used and needed in this market. (I think this fragment should be elaborated or deleted)

Along with the introduction of our new Advantage Comfort Training Equipment at Nationals, we will show for the very first time, my rendition of what I feel is needed for the popular "Show Hack" division. Our new World Cup Super Grip Show Hack Saddle has made its debut and has been met with great enthusiasm, gaining orders from top riders and trainers. The premise for this new saddle is unique but the fundamentals of why it's needed is purely Freedman. Based on frame of horse and way of going, I have decided to embark down this specialty avenue. So, for all Saddle Seat English exhibitors that want to reach performance at the highest level for both horse and rider, check out this new black Super Grip Saddle with a knee roll, black patent trim and a directional ride that promotes lots of trot!

This week is always a big week of product demos and conversation. Not that Arabian horse people don't understand my products. They are inquisitive, eager to learn and cutting edge with training and development ideas and techniques. This forces both Nicole and I to do a lot of product tech talk to justify to every skeptic that we can meet their needs through design, quality, and performance. This degree of skepticism comes honestly to this group, as this breed is no walk in the park to train. They are purebreds and half breeds that were meant to run in the desert, so containment and precise movements aren't really part of their original makeup and foundation. This makes them more of a challenge to fit equipment whether it be saddles, harness, bridles or work tack, than any of our other breeds we work with.

When we won't be at our booth, we will be out in the barns visiting with clients, fitting equipment or in the make up ring adjusting checks and martingales. You may even find us with many of our Arabian stable friends enjoying a class of wine.

But for sure you will see me on the rail! David


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