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Custom Carriage Harness - Alphabetically: A-Z

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Concours D'Elegance Custom Carriage Harness


Exquisite in detail, this is unquestionably the finest harness available in the world today. Magnificently handcrafted with the meticulous care and remarkable attention to detail that is a Freedman trademark, this is truly a most distinguished harness. Hardware and furnishings




Clean contemporary styling in a harness that is suitable for any form of utility driving, including the breaking and training of Single, Pairs and Teams. The strength and safety of this harness is equalled only by our Marathon World Cup

Presentation-Dressage Custom Carriage Harness


Presentation-Dressage Harness is correctly appointed. Its traditional detailing, superb fit and perfect proportions will please the most discerning Whip. The Presentation-Dressage Bridle has 5/8 inch cheeks, fine narrow spaced loops and classically shaped nose band, face drop, and "D" shaped

The Classic Runabout


Designed for both pleasure driving and show ring, this handsome multi-purpose harness is traditionally doubled and stitched. All fittings are solid brass and patent leather is used abundantly. The bridle has cupped, hatched, shaped patent blinds with fine box loops

World Cup Marathon Harness


The only harness to feature unique materials like carbon fiber, wonder foam and Supracore® padding. Our inventive false collar neck pad allows better weight distribution and maximizes full power potential. Our Carbon fiber back pad tree allows ease of movement