World Cup HP Saddle
World Cup HP Saddle

World Cup HP Saddle

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How and Why We Built This:

- All new 5 position adjustable bar system.

- New adjustable stainless steel bars promote a neutral middle position.

-Super Grip leather ensures the most confidence in no slip comfort

-Comfortable and easy to acquire “rider ready position”

-Stronger Chrome tanned improved billets with numbers

-Directional ride (forward and up) promotes horses freedom of shoulder movement

-re enforced saddle tree


Product Details 

Our newest and best model yet! This saddle is easy to ride and features our super grip leather on the seat, skirts and flaps. Our new 5 position adjustable bar is easy to use and is care free of mechanical issues. Shock absorbing tree points deep recessed, draw rein dee's and a double "V" billet balancing system make the World Cup HP Saddle the show horse industries best yet!

Embroidered World Cup fleece lined saddle cover included, along with a complimentary jar of Freedman’s Luxury Saddle & Leather Conditioner.

Saddle is brown and darkens with Freedman’s Luxury Saddle & Leather Conditioner. 

Available by special order in black call toll free 1877 256 7674

“The new World Cup HP is state of the art equipment. Freedman’s has yet again taken saddle and rider fit and set up to a whole new level. The new bar system allows for more precise adjustments to insure your rider is in the most optimal position for them and their horse. All while maintaining the quality leather, seat and grip of the World Cup Super Grip. The stirrup bar adjustments are easy to use and the saddle maintains the same great look as before. We love it!” Kristen Cater, Cater Stables 


Any Returns on Saddles Are Subject to a 5% Restocking Fee

Any Saddle Returns will be assessed for usage. An assessment fee will be charged on returned saddles that have been used. Charges may vary depending on usage. 

We encourage our customers to try our Demo saddles before they buy.  Please call us at 859-846-9674 to speak to someone about trying one of our Demos.

Heather Boodey [ ►]

 The World Cup Super Grip has a great stickiness to it, and all of my riders feel like they just connect with that saddle when they sit in it. 

Bob Brison [ ►]

 I think it distributes your weight in a much cleaner way across the horse's back, which allows more freedom in their movement. 

AJ Bruwer, Bruwer Stables

 We are fully sold on these saddles. There is a huge difference in your saddle’s fit for both horse and rider. AJ feels very secure, which is especially important. 

Rob Byers

 Maximum comfort- zero break in from the very first ride!

Lionel Ferreira, Monnington Farm [ ►]

 A saddle’s function should be to support the rider while also molding to the horse conformation, both necessary to enhance the horse’s performance. This saddle achieves this, with excellent craftsmanship. 

Lynda Freseth [ ►]

 This saddles amazing, it does big things to help riders. 

Robert Gardiner

 The best fitting saddle for both horse and rider ever developed. Not only is it the most comfortable and secure saddle on the market, but the paramount advantage to the Freedman saddle is the way it fits the modern Saddlebred in the withers where others do not, which allows freedom of movement in the vital shoulder area and allows the neck to raise up with no impediment. 

Chuck Herbert [ ►]

 Clients that come in that have other brands of saddles, we ask them to ride in the World Cup Super Grip and see if they would like to make a change, because we do recomend it to each one of our clients. 

Gayle Lampe, Adjunct Professor of Equestrian Science, William Woods University [ ►]

 I love my Freedman saddle. I feel it puts me in just the right spot to feel my horse under me and to ride very effectively. Born To Win likes it too!! 

Smith Lilly [ ►]

 Not only is the Freedman World Cup Super Grip Saddle comfortable for both horse and rider. It is well made and built to last. 

Carol Matton

 I really like how the Freedman saddle allows my riders to get down around their horse and feel everything that is going on. 

Bret Day, Grey Ridge Farm

 The first saddle I can honestly say I could not live without!

Peter Palmer, Meadowlake Stables

 The World Cup Super Grip Saddle works great for me! I immediately find the sweet spot in this saddle on every horse I ride, young, old, big or small. 

Evan & Mary Orr [ ►]

 The Freedman super grip saddle gives you the perfect combination of comfort, rider positioning and seat security for either your performance or equitation rider. 

Kathryn Rodosky Taylor, Landon Farm [ ►]

 Posting low and staying in close contact with your horse is a difficult skill. This saddle assists my riders with both because there is no "spring board affect" from the saddle. I've seen improvements in balance, timing and coordination because the rider isn't being pushed up from the seat of the saddle during any gait. 

Rob Turner, LM Turner Stables

 The World Cup Super Grip Saddle is very comfortable and I love it. After riding in it I wouldn't want to ride in anything else. 

Gary Dearth [ ►]

 I'm proud to be able to say that we were the first Arabian exhibitors to start riding Freedman saddles. The fit for both horse and rider is superior to any other saddles available. All Freedman products reflect an old world craftsmanship that is nearly impossible to find today. 

Gabe DeSoto [ ►]

 The saddle is very durable and it's just made with a lot of quality to help me day in and day out.

Joel Gangi [ ►]

 The most comfortable flat saddle I've ever ridden in. Comfortable for my horses also. 

John Golladay

 Finest craftsmanship and materials, it’s the best riding saddle available. 

Vicki Humphrey [ ►]

 This saddle keeps pressure of the horses wither and allows for greater shoulder movement, it's close contact for both you and your horse, the adjustable stirrup bars allow you to sit in the correct position. 

Joel Kiesner [ ►]

 The tack fits the horses and it's made for horses by horsemen, and that means the world to me. The consistency in the saddles is huge to us. 

Brian Murch [ ►]

 The Freedman World Cup Super Grip saddle will put you and your horse in a better position to win at the highest level. 

John Rannenberg [ ►]

 From the first ride in it I get a great sense of security. The leather is so supple that I know it will break in quickly. The fit along the withers and back is perfectly balanced. Thank you for such great workmanship! 

Johnny Ryan

 The new World Cup Super Grip Saddle from Freedman's is the finest saddle I have ever ridden in. 

Jim Stachowski [ ►]

 This saddle has the best look and finish and is the most comfortable I have ever ridden in. 

Mary Trowbridge [ ►]

 I love our new Freedman’s saddles, and all of the show equipment that we've gotten from them. Top quality leather and fabulous workmanship combines to make the equipment comfortable for horse and rider from the first day it arrives. The saddles fit our Arabian horses like no other saddle seat-style saddle I've found, and helps our amateurs find their position easily and consistently. 

Mike Whelihan

 I have found that riding in the Freedman saddle positions me on the back of the horse the way cutback saddles were originally intended to. I find that I am able to feel the horse much better underneath me than I have been able to with other saddles on the market. 

Shan Wilson

 I love the way the leather feels on this saddle. They feel right, fit right, and are very attractive. 

Becky Veltema

 I LOVE IT. I am riding a very cold-backed horse, and with this saddle he settled in and went right to work!! He seems to love it too! Amazing. 

Stan Bodnar, Merriehill Farm, Inc.

I have a World Cup saddle and I love it. It is so comfortable that I can sink into it like I am sitting on a couch. Whether it’s me or our riders in the saddle, I find the shape allows us to sit back and up which helps bring our legs into the proper position. This riding position brings the horses up and back, like we want. We now have several clients with Freedman’s saddles. It’s what I recommend to all of our riders. As with all of the Freedman's products the craftsmanship and quality is second to none.

Mike Goebig & Dwayne Knowles, Broadmoor

This saddle is very smooth, soft riding, and is a solid fit for horses and riders.

Sarah Gove [ ►]

 I was apprehensive about giving up my childhood saddle, but after good reviews from friends and learning about the better fit for our horses I had to give it a try. After a week or so I really liked it. After a month or so I was in LOVE with it! Thank you David!

Sally Lindabury, Reindance Stables

 I love the new World Cup saddle. It rides so much differently than the original. It’s like going from a Cadillac to a Rolls Royce!

David Rand [ ►]

 With this saddle it sits nice on the horse's back and is nice and flat. The super grip is so wonderful that the amateur or the owner that's driving feels secure.

Ask the Experts Why They Choose Freedman's
Kristen Cater, Cater Stables
“The new World Cup HP is state of the art equipment. Freedman’s has yet again taken saddle and rider fit and set up to a whole new level. The new bar system allows for more precise adjustments to insure your rider is in the most optimal position for them and their horse. All while maintaining the quality leather, seat and grip of the World Cup Super Grip. The stirrup bar adjustments are easy to use and the saddle maintains the same great look as before. We love it!”
Jimmy Stachowski, Stachowski Farms
“Freedman's new World Cup HP Saddle is a level above anything else out there. The adjustable bar system is new and has five positions that allow us to put our riders in the leg position that best suits them and their horse. It's the same great saddle, but with improved function and fit for the rider."
Merin Maggi, Maggi Stables
“I switched to the Hunter SG Saddle and have had amazing results. My old saddle, which was designed for jumping, was a little more slick and not as much comfort and stability. The difference I notice in the Freedman’s, is you have shoulder freedom, you have comfort, a deeper seat, and a slightly larger saddle…you get a better performance from the horse and the rider.”