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Last Call - Alphabetically: Z-A

Here’s your chance to buy the last of the production of some of our greatest bags, belts and horse equipment. All products listed here are final sale.

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Whitechapel Bag Putty


  What Inspired Us To Make This Bag: The Whitechapel cart is a dog cart variant identified by the panelled sides and back. The tail board can be hinged down to act as a footboard for two passengers facing backwards, as

Vis-a-Vis Clutch


  What Inspired Us To Make This Bag: A vis-à-vis is a carriage in which the passengers sit face to face with the front passengers facing rearward and the rear passengers facing forward. The term comes from the French vis-à-vis,

Newcastle Belt BagNewcastle Belt Bag

Newcastle Belt Bag


  What Inspired Us To Make This Bag: We have been long asked to make a belt bag that could be warn multiple ways, here it is! Inspired by the old time Mail Coach Guards pouch. This pouch would hold

Governess Shoulder BagGoverness Shoulder Bag

Governess Shoulder Bag


  What Inspired Us To Make This Bag:  The governess handbag is named after the Governess cart. A small two-wheeled pony-drawn cart. The purpose of the cart was to be light enough to be drawn by a well-tempered pony or cob, who would




  What Inspired Us To Make This Bag: The Char-de-Coté handbag was named after the Char-de-Coté carriage. It was regarded as the Swiss national carriage, but could also be found in France. A fantastic feature of this vehicle is the passenger seat