Sam Freedman Limited Edition Fine Harness
Sam Freedman Limited Edition Fine Harness

Sam Freedman Limited Edition Fine Harness

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How and Why We Built This:

-Shows off your horse like no other, a true masterpiece of workmanship 

-Fits a large range of horses

-Stabil-flex elastic girth system 

-Made from hand cut, rounded, waxed and rubbed Wickett & Craig’s finest Harness leather

-Traditional English cast solid brass buckles with stainless steel tongues

-Patent leather trim of your choice

-Finger loops and Martingale stops pre installed on brown English Bridle round front leather lines

-Strongest and most durable construction 


Product Description:

This is the ultimate fine harness. Made in limited quantities, and only once a year, the Sam Freedman Limited Edition is singular and distinctive. All rounds are entirely sewn by hand, each and every strap is hand burnished and hand rubbed. From the scalloped front breast collar to the shaped back pad, complete with fall down check hook, this is a handmade work of art, worthy of its name. This harness supplies the maximum fit and performance that has made the name so legendary. This set of harness is the standard of excellence of the art of the harness maker.


Complete Harness Includes:

-Open back over check or side check patent leather blinker bridle with trimmed brow band and caveson

-Hand sewn and back check along with throat latch and winker stay

-Spring tree technical foam and leather padded shaped patent leather trimmed back pad

-French or open loop shaft tugs

-Stabil-flex elastic patent leather girth system 

-Stuffed buckle on crupper and hand sewn rounded forked back strap

-Patent leather padded buckle in trace scalloped breast collar, hand sewn round five hole traces

-Two part adjustable hand sewn round forked martingale with patent leather tear drop 

-Round patent leather nose band



Ask the Experts Why They Choose Freedman's
Joel Kiesner, Kiesner Arabians
The tack fits the horses and it's made for horses by horsemen, and that means the world to me. The consistency in the saddles is huge to us.
Sarah Gove, Taylor River Farm
There are so many Freedman products that we use day in and day out. The cutback saddles are simply the best! The show bridles and show harnesses ooze quality. The reins are incredibly supple right out of the box, and feel precise in a rider’s hands.
Evan & Mary Orr, High Caliber Stables
The Freedman saddles gives you the perfect combination of comfort, rider positioning and seat security for either your performance or equitation rider.