Double Saddle

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Specially designed by Freedman's and tested by Jo Cornell, this saddle is the answer in demonstrating to young students how to quickly and effectively ride. This double seat teaching saddle is based on a cavalry-style seat that allows the student to sit comfortably and securely in front of the instructor. The pommel is higher keeping the child in position. Two sets of stirrup bars allow each rider to have their own stirrups for stability. All hand stitched with our Super Grip leather and Irish linen thread.

Saddle Cover not included.

Saddle is brown and darkens with Oakwood leather conditioner.

"One of the most common questions we get from the parents of our youngest riders is why we use the double saddle. The double saddle, made by Freedman Harness is something we love! The instructor sits in the back and the child sits in the front, each with their own set of stirrups and stirrup bars. This saddle has a double tree and a high pommel, keeping young riders secure in their seat. By riding "double", the youngest riders gets to learn the rhythm of a posting trot in addition to learning the feel of a canter. By putting their hands on top of the instructor's hands, they feel the movements needed with the reins. The child's body feels the motion of the instructor's body, allowing for muscle memory to form more quickly and correctly. The child can model the positions of the instructor and foot placement, and feel confident in their skills. It is a wonderful way to build muscle and confidence at the same time! Because of this special saddle, we are able to begin lessons as early as 3 years old!"
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$3,500.00 USD

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