Head Office/Manufacturing (Toronto, Ontario):

Leather Horse Harness Maker

Freedman Harness & Saddlery Co. is looking for a highly skilled leather horse harness maker to work in a great environment.
Experience: minimum 5 years, Minimum High School or relevant education in trade

Job Duties: Double needle/awl hand stitching of heavy leather horse harness parts. Must have minimum 5 years experience. Must be able to create Leather Horse Harness and follow patterns using experienced techniques. Cut, Stitch, assemble and construct heavy leather by hand; diagnose and repair broken or defective components; trims, slicks, rubs, creases, punches holes, bevels , dyes or burnish edges; read and interpret job specifications technical drawings

* Document use
* Numeracy
* Problem solving
* Decision making
* Critical thinking
* Job task planning and organizing
* Significant use of memory
* Attention to Detail
* Read and Interpret job specification technical drawings
* Design and Create Patterns from Technical Drawings

We are currently seeking Candidates who are residents of Canada and are legally able to work in Canada. We are not accepting applications from Candidates who live outside of Canada.

Terms of Employment: Permanent, Full Time
Wage: $22.50/ hr for 42.5hrs/week
Benefits: 50% Co-pay (Dental, Drug Plan, Disability) 16 paid Holidays

Contact: info@freedmanharness.com

Boutique (Midway, Kentucky):

None at this Time


If you have any questions about the employment opportunities at Freedman Harness, please feel free to contact our Customer Service Department by telephone at 877-256-7674 (toll free number available only from within North America), by email at info@freedmanharness.com or by mail at Freedman Harness, 153 Bridgeland Avenue, Unit 14,Toronto, Ontario M6A 2Y6 Canada