Classic Stirrup Leathers
Classic Stirrup Leathers

Classic Stirrup Leathers

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How and Why We Built This:

-Premium pre-stretched cow hide

-Durable long lasting

-Half holes punched for maximum adjustment

-Stainless Steel buckle for long hard wear

-Embossed tip


Product Details

These extra fine pre-stretched leathers are made from the most premium leather available on the market in England. We punch the holes every 3/4" inch apart for the most adjustment options. Nylon re-enforcement at stainless steel buckle for strength. Leathers are available in Havana Brown.

A note from David Freedman,

”As leather is a natural fibre material we recommend you switch your stirrup leathers side to side as often as possible. We buy the most premium stirrup leather backs available on the market, but they are still prone to stretch up to 5% of their original length. Switching these stirrup leathers along with using a mounting block to get on your horse will allow for the longest and most even life span”


Ask the Experts Why They Choose Freedman's
Kristen Cater, Cater Stables
“The new World Cup HP is state of the art equipment. Freedman’s has yet again taken saddle and rider fit and set up to a whole new level. The new bar system allows for more precise adjustments to insure your rider is in the most optimal position for them and their horse. All while maintaining the quality leather, seat and grip of the World Cup Super Grip. The stirrup bar adjustments are easy to use and the saddle maintains the same great look as before. We love it!”
Jimmy Stachowski, Stachowski Farms
“Freedman's new World Cup HP Saddle is a level above anything else out there. The adjustable bar system is new and has five positions that allow us to put our riders in the leg position that best suits them and their horse. It's the same great saddle, but with improved function and fit for the rider."
Merin Maggi, Maggi Stables
“I switched to the Hunter SG Saddle and have had amazing results. My old saddle, which was designed for jumping, was a little more slick and not as much comfort and stability. The difference I notice in the Freedman’s, is you have shoulder freedom, you have comfort, a deeper seat, and a slightly larger saddle…you get a better performance from the horse and the rider.”