Ride Your Way: A Hunter Saddle for Two Types of Riders

Articles & Blogs Ride Your Way: A Hunter Saddle for Two Types of Riders

By now, you’ve probably heard that Freedman’s has launched a second hunt seat saddle, the Freedman’s Centennial Hunter Saddle. What is the difference you might ask from their original hunter saddle, the Hunter SG Saddle? Well, we’re here tell you:

First, let’s start with the rider position. While the Hunter SG Saddle is designed to put your legs and seat bones in more of the athletic stance position similarly found in a cutback saddle, the Centennial Hunter is deeper-seated, giving the rider a forward and up, directional ride. The narrower, square cantle on the Centennial is more like the traditional hunter/jumper style saddles.

What else? The Centennial Hunter Saddle was designed in cooperation with Arabian horse trainer, Wendy Potts. Her request was simple: make a saddle that fits all her horses, put the rider in a forward, hunt position, and not interfere with the horse’s freedom of movement.

“[The Centennial Hunter Saddle] fits every horse we’ve tried it on and sticks the rider in the perfect hunter position. I say ‘sticks’ because the amazing soft leather has a grip that allows the rider to stay in position with very little effort, while allowing you to feel the horse underneath you.” – Wendy Potts, Whistlejacket Farm

While there are a few small select differences between Freedman’s two hunter saddles, there are many attributes that have remained the same. Both saddles are built with re-enforced trees and removable thigh blocks. They are both made from our signature, dark brown super grip leather with the draw rein d-rings. Each saddle is designed for a different style of rider, but both are comfortable and easy to ride in, with an improved billet system, making them even stronger.

No matter your riding style preference, both our newly built Centennial Hunter Saddle and Hunter SG Saddle are designed to fit the American Saddlebred, Morgan, and Arabian horse breeds. They are comfortable for horse and rider and allow you to perform at your best.