About Us

It Began In 1802.

And it continues today, with a lineage of master craftsmen who all shared the same vision, each in a different time, and with the same results: quality craftsmanship with the finest materials. The products have changed over time, but the essence remains the same. Steeped in the traditions of equestrian sport, Freedman's harness, saddles, bridles, bags and leather goods all echo a commitment to excellence that dates back six generations.

Old World Values

Freedman's business is based on values from a more romantic age, when men would place their finished work above their most prized possession of all - their name and reputation.


Isaac emigrates from Poland to Canada and opens his harness shop in the heart of Toronto's Kensington market area. His son Sam was taught the trade of harness making in the Centre Avenue shop in 1948 at the age of twelve.


National austerity measures before and during World War II meant demand for harness parts and repairs in Canada increased.


The Royal Winter Fair opens its doors once again following World War II, and Sam sees the opportunity for a new business in making show harness.


The new scene in Toronto is night-time harness racing at Greenwood Raceway. Shop production increases to over 1000 sets of Standardbred race harness a year.


Cynthia Haydon, trainer for John Angus "Bud" McDougald at his Green Meadows estate on Leslie Street in Toronto, carries Sam's work back to England, turning the company's client base global.


Freedman's is commissioned to make the harness for the Carlsberg championship team and wagon.


David joins the family business under the watchful eye of his father Sam. This apprenticeship would last for over 9 years until Sam's passing in 1991.

Freedman's Craftsmanship

Artisans in the Toronto workshop create luxuriously handcrafted leather goods using techniques from days gone by.


Following the lead of French and Italian harness and saddle makers that shifted into fashion, David realizes his father's dream of adding a belt and handbag range, supplying retail fashion greats and famous designers across North America.


Freedman's expands its range of show horse equipment with the introduction of a cutback saddle for the saddle seat disciplines.


A freedman's bridle is featured with Martha Stewart and her Friesian horse on the cover of a special Halloween edition of her magazine.


Anheuser-Busch commissions Freedman Harness as the exclusive harness maker for their Budweiser Clydesdales


Freedman's renews an old chapter from its history with the launch of its leather goods and accessories collection, once again featuring belts, handbags and travel bags.

Exquisitely Handcrafted

Custom designed and correctly appointed sets of single, pair, tandem and four-in-hand carriage harness are shipping around the world.

Freedman Clients

Freedman Harness has had the privilege of supplying private clients, royalty and celebrities, world-wide, for over two centuries. Pictured is Sam Freedman with Hollywood star Roy Rogers, renowned trainer Glenn Randall and Trigger in the background.


Sixth generation harness maker David carries on the family tradition by leading up the Toronto workshop, drawing on over 200 years of experience.

Harness & Saddlery

Freedman's continues to offer harness and saddlery for horses from many disciplines. the company's strength lies in carriage driving and show horse such as Saddlebreds, Morgans, Arabians, Hackneys and more.

Leather Goods & Accessories

Freedman's is an emerging equestrian fashion house offering elegantly handcrafted handbags, travel bags, belts and leather goods