Freedman's Bundles

Did you know that Freedman's offers a variety of product bundles for a special price? Some of these bundles are offered all year long, while others are monthly or seasonal specials. Check out our latest offerings...

Saddlebred & Morgan Essential Stable Bundle

A complete tail/bustle set bundle for the American Saddlebred and Morgan horse that includes a matching Stable Halter and lead Shank with plates, as well as halter fleece... all for a bundled price tag.

Bundle Includes:

  • Freedman's Crupper & Bustle Set

  • 2x Crupper, Bustle & Halter Lead Name Plate

  • Freedman's Stable Halter Bundle

  • Freedman's Leather Lead Shank with plate

Stable Halter & Engraved Custom Plate Bundle

Every Freedman's 1” or 3/4” stable halters is bundled with a custom engraved nameplate. Choose from brass or chrome plates to match your black or brown halter.

Bundle Includes:

  • Freedman's Stitched Chin Halter

  • Freedman's Halter Name Plate

Build Your Own Bridle Bundle

We offer a customizable 'Build Your Own Bridle' option for all full and double bridles. You select the size and type of bridle and then can customize the caveson and reins and add a brow band if desired.

Available for the Stake Night Weymouth Double Bridle, Stake Night Show Hunter Double Bridle and Advantage Comfort Padded Double Bridle.