Update on COVID-19-related delays from Freedman Harness

Business Update from Freedman's - COVID-19 Can't Keep Us Down! 

2021 is certainly looking like it will be an exceptional year. With so many positive changes and outcomes on the horizon, the team at Freedman’s is really looking forward to getting back to horse shows and seeing everyone on the road again. The challenges of 2020 are beginning to recede into the rear-view mirror, but there are still some lasting effects on individuals, families, and even businesses.

Supply chain function and productivity is one business-related effect felt around the world right now. Industries are seeing shortages in basic products and tools of the trade, while freight prices and lack of efficiency have caused delays in product delivery. Freedman’s is no exception to feeling these delays and so we want to make you aware of a few changes to aid in our ability to serve you better during this time:

  • WE ARE IN PRODUCTION! Yes, we are experiencing some supply chain delays, be we are still producing all of our products. If you place an order, you will still receive that order.
  • ‘OUT OF STOCK’ ONLINE NOTIFICATIONS: If you see an item listed as ‘out of stock’ online, we encourage you to call us to place the order instead. Because we are still producing, we can then ensure that your needs are in the que for production and fulfilled. This includes items such as saddles, bridles, tail sets, training equipment, and more. Give us a call in Midway at 859.846.9674 or in Toronto at 1.877.256.7674 to place your order.
  • IN STOCK ITEMS: There are many items online that are NOT out of stock and can be shopped as normal online, including our jods, apparel, bags, and more.
  • E-MAIL NOTIFICATIONS: Our ‘out of stock’ items give you the option to be notified when they are back in stock. Please be sure to select this. In addition, make sure that you have signed up for our Freedman’s World e-mail list so that you are receiving timely updates on new products, product re-stocks, specials and more.

We appreciate your patience as we all get rolling again in 2021. While you may experience some delays in delivery, we promise that quality with tradition in every stitch is headed your way! Thank you for shopping with us…


Team Freedman’s