Team Freedman - Emilie Dorrestein

May 2019

Athlete of the Month

Emilie Dorrestein

I love all my Freedman’s products - from my saddle and bridle to my boots and bag. I love my Victory Pass DS because it sets me in a comfortable riding position every time I ride.

When I’m at home, I practice with my Acavallo memory foam gel pad and my Stabil-Flex Girth. The memory foam pad is comfortable on my 20 year old retired horse’s back, and the girth never rubs him. This makes it a fun and comfortable ride for me and my horse!

All of the products have enhanced my riding and I do not know what I would do without them!
Each Athlete of the Month is a member of Team Freedman - an elite group of talented, award-winning equestrian athletes who exemplify how Freedman's products enhance the performance of both rider and horse. They represent our brand through their accomplishments, and by being ambassadors of Freedman's within their communities as well as the wider stage.
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