Team Freedman - Joan Benjamin

February 2019

Athlete of the Month

Joan Benjamin

From showing in Saddle Seat Equitation to Five Gaited Show Pleasure, my World Cup Super Grip Saddle never disappoints. I love the versatility of this product from the long reinforced billet straps to the super grip leather that allows me to practice and perform in the most effective way possible. The World Cup Super Grip lives up to its name as it has helped me become a member of the 2018 U.S Saddle Seat World Cup Team.

My Stabil-Flex Girth allows my horse to be as comfortable as possible, as well as keeping my saddle in the same place throughout long classes. From rail work to patterns and back to back classes, my World Cup Super Grip Saddle combined with my Stabil-Flex Girth always gives me an extra edge to perform at the best of my ability.

Pictured here is my equitation horse, My Mikimoto, and I winning the Saddle Seat Equitation Championship at the 2018 Pro Am Benefit Horse Show with the help of our lovely Freedman products!
Each Athlete of the Month is a member of Team Freedman - an elite group of talented, award-winning equestrian athletes who exemplify how Freedman's products enhance the performance of both rider and horse. They represent our brand through their accomplishments, and by being ambassadors of Freedman's within their communities as well as the wider stage.
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