Team Freedman - Lacy Baird

June 2019

Athlete of the Month

Lacy Baird

I can honestly say that I do not know what I would have done without my Freedman’s saddle and bridle on my new 3 gaited horse - The Blacklist - on our 5th ride ever together in the Shelbyville 3 gaited Championship that we won!

After winning the coveted Championship, my trainer decided to throw something in the air to get beautiful pictures ensuring my horse’s ears were up on our victory pass. In front of the entire crowd, my horse went straight into the air and I almost flew off in front of everyone! My Freedman’s saddle and bridle were the ONLY REASON I stayed on my horse!

So far, we have been undefeated in 3 out of 3 classes in our Freedman’s gear. Thank you Freedman’s for literally keeping me in the saddle!
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