Team Freedman - Sarena Eaton

Sep 2019

Athlete of the Month

Sarena Eaton

Sarena is a true Freedman's Athlete - from her show bridle, to her saddle, to even her boots. The Freedman's products offer a consistent feel with grip that gives her the confidence to perform at every level.

With David’s help and expertise she was able to order a custom Freedman's World Cup SG Saddle for her petite stature that fit her leg and seat.

These adjustments allowed her to work as one with her horse. The Freedman's Super Grip saddle was a key part to her success over the past few years which includes multiple Regional, Reserve World and World Titles.
Each Athlete of the Month is a member of Team Freedman - an elite group of talented, award-winning equestrian athletes who exemplify how Freedman's products enhance the performance of both rider and horse. They represent our brand through their accomplishments, and by being ambassadors of Freedman's within their communities as well as the wider stage.
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