We guarantee our saddle tree for 5 years!

Freedman saddles are covered under a 5 year warranty from its original purchase date to its original owner to be free from defects related to workmanship. If such defects appear, upon presentation of your dated proof of purchase and this original warranty tag, the saddle will be repaired within 60 days of its receipt in our factory. This warranty does not cover normal wear and tear or any consequential damages due to excessive force nor does it cover repairs made by unauthorized personnel. Warranty is null and void if oil or greased based products are used including the process of oil dipping. Warranty does not cover damage caused by accidents or misuse.



We guarantee our saddle tree for 5 years against breakage under normal wear and tear. Freedman’s will replace the tree if it’s found to be defective upon examination by our customer care department. Saddle trees will not be replaced if there is structural damage due to excessive force due to an accident or misuse. Signs of these damages may not be cosmetically evident, but are easily diagnosed by our customer care.


Adjustable Stirrup Bars

Adjustable stirrup bars carry a 3 year warranty under normal wear and tear. If a bar is found to be faulty they will be replaced free of charge. It is the owner’s responsibility to ensure that stirrup bars are in the correct and locked position before mounting to ride. If a stirrup bar is not in correct and locked position the stirrup bar will show obvious signs of stripping due to force and will not be covered under warranty. Obvious signs include marks in the slide rail and broken parts due to force. Your Stirrup Bar safety catch may have to be adjusted to the tension you prefer. There is a 5/32 Allen Key supplied with your saddle so you can easily make the adjustments needed. Saddle billets have been designed for maximum strength and minimal stretch. They do wear faster than any other part of the saddle due to every day wear and tear. Our billets have been constructed of sandwiched leather and nylon webbing. Saddle billets carry a one year warranty from normal wear and tear. If the billets have been misused or damaged by anything being attached to them for the use of training, the warranty will be null and void.


Super Grip Leather

The leather surface of your Freedman saddle is not scratch resistant due to its natural soft leather properties and thus scratches/marks will become visible under normal wear and tear and are not covered under warranty. Only Freedman recommended cleaning and conditioning products are to be used on your saddle. Please refer to the “taking care of your new saddle” sheet we provide.



Freedman’s will not accept returns without prior authorization by our customer care department. Saddles sent to us must be prepaid and must have our claim# clearly labeled. Call us toll free 1877 256 7674 to register a claim. We thank you for purchasing a Freedman’s product.