Social media influencers

With the addition of these influencers, the Freedman's brand is expanding on social media. Watch for this group of tech-savvy, well-rounded, talented and #Freedman's loving professionals and amateurs as they help us to promote the legacy of our products. Be sure to follow them on Facebook and Instagram all year long!
Assistant Trainer at Memory Lane Farm. "My love for Freedman's comes from their consistent high quality products and great customer service." Morgan Horses
Owner/Trainer/Instructor at Daniel Training Center LLC. "The quality of all Freedman's products is above average. We always go to them for our training and lesson program." Arabians/Half-Arabians & American Saddlebreds
Assistant Trainer/Instructor at Maggi Stables. "There is an aesthetic and quality to Freedman's products from tack to apparel that not only provide comfort and fit to the horse, but also the rider. The durability in day-to-day use shows the integrity of the products in and out of the show ring!" Morgan Horses & American Saddlebreds
Amatuer Exhibitor at Vicki Humphrey Training Center & Owner of Amateur Acres. "Amazing quality in every product, combined with top notch customer number one stop!" Arabian & Half-Arabians
Amateur Exhibitor at High Caliber Stables & Influencer Marketing Manager. "In my opinion, if you need something in the horse world - it doesn't get any better than Freedman's! The products are thoughtfully and sustainably crafted with longevity, style and quality top of mind. Like I said, nothing better!" American Saddlebreds
Soderberg Equine & Marcos Stables. Sales Manager for National Horseman. "As someone that is at horse shows all the time, including Freedman's products instantly elevates any moment whether on or off a horse. The brand represents a commitment to excellence and I can always rely on the quality and durability of any of their products." American Saddlebreds, Morgan Horses, Hackney Ponies, & Arabians/Half-Arabians
Assistant Trainer/Instructor at Select Show Horses. "You simply cannot find better quality tack or equipment to help both you and your horse perform at their best." American Saddlebreds & Arabian/Half-Arabians