Arabian Show Leads
Arabian Show Leads

Arabian Show Leads

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How and Why We Built This

-Full length leather with patent leather stopper end

- Long lasting soft American vegetable tanned leather

- Steel chain buckle for quick changes


Product Details

Made from black American harness leather with 3/4” stainless steel buckle. Round patent leather end stopper stitched onto lead end to ensure comfort and grip. Wonderful soft feeling comfortable leather.

Ask the Experts Why They Choose Freedman's
Joel Kiesner, Kiesner Arabians
The tack fits the horses and it's made for horses by horsemen, and that means the world to me. The consistency in the saddles is huge to us.
Sarah Gove, Taylor River Farm
There are so many Freedman products that we use day in and day out. The cutback saddles are simply the best! The show bridles and show harnesses ooze quality. The reins are incredibly supple right out of the box, and feel precise in a rider’s hands.
Evan & Mary Orr, High Caliber Stables
The Freedman saddles gives you the perfect combination of comfort, rider positioning and seat security for either your performance or equitation rider.