Victory Pass HP Saddle
Victory Pass HP Saddle

Victory Pass HP Saddle

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How and Why We Built This:

-Improved rider timing

-Deeper seat promotes rider security and confidence 

-Super Grip leather ensures no slip comfort

-Comfortable and easy to ride

-Stronger improved billets

-Directional ride (forward and up) promotes horses freedom of shoulder movement

-re enforced saddle tree


Product Details

The Victory Pass HP Saddle combines tradition with today’s technology in saddle construction. This saddle is designed for a rider looking for a deeper seated or “equitation” style saddle seat saddle. The Victory Pass HP uses traditional styling and Freedman’s super-grip leather.  The ultimate result is improved fit, comfort and performance for both horse and rider.

Embroidered Victory Pass HP fleece lined saddle cover included, along with a complimentary jar of Freedman’s Luxury Saddle & Leather Conditioner.

Saddle is brown and darkens with Freedman’s Luxury Saddle & Leather Conditioner. 

Available by special order in black call toll free 1877 256 7674

American Saddlebred

Ellen Beard, Success in Saddles

The Victory Pass DS saddle enhances the ability of the rider to find the sweet spot during the ride. I am particularly impressed with the improvement of the adult rider’s balance and timing.

Sarah Barclay, Milestone Stables

I wasn't satisfied with the leg positioning of other saddles. The Victory Pass DS eliminates my concerns, and produces a correct leg position.

Todd Miles, Milestone Stables

The Victory Pass DS saddle was designed to help accent and compliment your desired equitation look with its deep seat and natural leg positioning.

Ask the Experts Why They Choose Freedman's
Joel Kiesner, Kiesner Arabians
The tack fits the horses and it's made for horses by horsemen, and that means the world to me. The consistency in the saddles is huge to us.
Sarah Gove, Taylor River Farm
There are so many Freedman products that we use day in and day out. The cutback saddles are simply the best! The show bridles and show harnesses ooze quality. The reins are incredibly supple right out of the box, and feel precise in a rider’s hands.
Evan & Mary Orr, High Caliber Stables
The Freedman saddles gives you the perfect combination of comfort, rider positioning and seat security for either your performance or equitation rider.