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Victory Pass DS Saddle


How and Why We Built This: -Improved rider timing -Deeper seat promotes rider security and confidence  -Super Grip leather ensures no slip comfort -Comfortable and easy to ride -Stronger improved billets -Directional ride (forward and up) promotes horses freedom of

Stabil-Flex Girth


  How and Why We Built This: -Elastic centre to allow proper breathing and movement -Maximum girth stability and flex -Soft cow hide leather padded -Anatomically designed and shaped for cut back saddle use -Humane Dee system allows for best

Soft Stirrup Leathers


  How and Why We Built This: -Soft cow hide ensures comfort on your leg -Nylon core minimizes give and stretch -Half holes punched for maximum adjustment -Stainless Steel buckle for long hard wear -One ride break in -Embroidered tip