Brand Ambassadors

This dedicated group of hard-working professional and amateur horsewomen are committed to the care and comfort of the horse, excellence in performance, and proudly support the Freedman's brand in and out of the saddle.This group of Freedman's advocates is happy to help answer your questions, show you their favorite products, and provide special insight into the Freedman's brand. Follow their social media accounts for product updates and special promotions throughout the year!
Junior Exhibitor at DesMar Stables LLC. "The quality of every Freedman product is unmatched, and their customer service is second to none! I highly recommend choosing Freedman's for any equestrian needs!" American Saddlebreds
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Tous les Jours Performance Jods
Owner/Trainer at Faraday Farm. "Freedman Harness is a one-stop-shop for quality and functional products for both horses and people!" Morgan Horses & American Saddlebreds
Trainer at Bluestem Equestrian. "Freedman's apparel to work in is both stylish and durable. It holds up better than any other brand I've used. Their products are beautiful and made with thought and care." Morgan Horses & American Saddlebreds
Owner/Breeder at 6D Ranch, Amateur Exhibitor at Stachowski Farm."Freedman’s is my go to for all training and showing equipment, as well as my everyday riding apparel. Their products are meticulously crafted to equally support the needs of both the horse and rider. I can always trust the quality, consistency and functionality of Freedman’s products, and that’s why I love them!" Arabian/Half-Arabians & American Saddlebreds
Trainer at Signature Oak Stables. "If you're like me and want the best, then Freedman Harness is your one-stop -shop. The reason why I love Freedman's so much is because the tack and equipment are made by horsemen for horsemen without overlooking any details. The quality, craftsmanship, and customer service are the best in the industry. Set yourself and your horse up for success and be a part of #TeamFreedmans!" Arabian & Half-Arabians
Favorite Freedman's Products product image
product image
Tous les Jours Performance Jods
Trainer at Sunrise Stables & Model. "There is no substitute for quality, and every product Freedman's produces exudes quality and they understand the mechanics of how it works best on a horse! And I love their beautiful handbags!!" American Saddlebred, Hackney, Roadster, Morgan Horse, and Dutch Harness Horses
Owner/Trainer at Maggi Stables. "Freedman’s is in the business of making you and your horse look and feel like world champions!" Morgan Horses & American Saddlebreds
Owner/Trainer at Solaris Farm. "I always feel and look professional when I’m wearing Freedman’s apparel, and I always feel and look prepared when I’m using Freedman’s tack. Their quality, craftsmanship, and style is second to none!" American Saddlebreds, Morgan Horses, & Hackney Ponies
Owner/Trainer at Earthquake Arabians & Half-Arabians.