#TeamFreedmans Trainer Incentive & My Tack Room Program

If you are a trainer, riding instructor, barn manager, or professional in our industry, we invite you to join the #TeamFreedmans Trainer Incentive & My Tack Room Program.

Sign up, set up your own Freedman's 'My Tack Room' store, and earn Incentive Points while your barn shops.

Already signed up? Sign into your account here.

If you ride under the banner of one of our enrolled 'My Tack Room' Farms, look for their customized shop below!

Thank you for being a part of #TeamFreedmans!

If you are a trainer or professional and have been a client of Freedman’s under the old trainer referral manual system, we will discontinue the back-dating of client orders for trainer referral credits on December 1, 2025.


Resources for the Program:

Or Request A Personalized Poster
How Does the Program Work?
Step 1:
If you're a professional or horse trainer, use the link above to sign-in or login to your #TeamFreedmans Trainer Incentive account.
Step 2:
Set up your online profile and then set up your personalized 'My Tack Room' Freedman's store. Be sure to include the products you and your customers love to use.
Step 3:
Promote! Send your customers your personalized store link and referral coupon or code. Post to your social media accounts. Then earn, while they shop! Become an official member of #TeamFreedmans!